Learning Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation is easy to learn. The technique is learned in just 90 minutes on each of the course days. This is followed by one-to-one meetings and group sessions to ensure maximum results. After the course, support continues to be available.

Step 1 : Presentation of TM and preparation to the course (about 60 minutes). This session is free and involves no obligation ; you may register for your course at that time and set the dates with the teacher.

Step 2 : Learn the TM technique — 4 sessions of about 90 minutes on 4 consecutive days. You start practicing TM at home from the first day of the course, and are guided at each session with new instructions from your teacher.

  • 1st session: Personal instruction
  • 2nd session: Establishing a correct practice
  • 3rd session: The mechanisms of realize of stress and fatigue: the consciousness and the nervous system
  • 4th session: A vision of the goal: developing the full human potential.

After these 4 sessions, you have the necessary intellectual understanding and experience to practice TM correctly and independently at home.

Step 3 : follow up program — regular meetings during the first months of practice. Teachers are available to ensure the best results, guide you in your progress and answer your questions. This personalized support is included in the course fee during the first year of practice. It is optional but highly recommended.

Throughout the year, our Institute offers a wide range of activities for people practicing TM : group meditations, lectures, seminars, documentary screenings, weekends or weeks of intensive meditation, advanced programs, etc. Everyone is welcome according to his or her interests.

The course fee includes the learning sessions and the follow-up program. In order to make TM available to as many people as possible, the course fee takes into account the financial situation of each participant. It is set in a brief personal interview at the end of step 1.

In-house courses: We also organize in-house courses for business and educational institutions. Please contact us for details.

To find out when the above steps are available in your local area,Click here.

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