"After a few days of TM. I feel calmness for several hours after meditation, I notice more effectiveness in my activity, I am more patient and I was told I am more serene."

Lawyer - Geneva

"Better stress management, more confidence and increased productivity."

Freddy Leguizamon, insurance broker, Geneva

"TM brings me calm and concentration. I recommend it highly."

Eddy Laffin, 2018 France CWT freediving champion, Geneva

"TM helps me quiet the constant inner whispering voice about 'things I should do', 'things I should have done' to be just present at what's happening outside of me in the moment. It helps me be more focused and productive when i work. It helps me be more patient with my kids"

Communications manager - Geneva

"TM Profoundly relaxes me and allows me to deal with the various situations of my life with more and more stability, calmness and inner joy."

Teacher and pianist- Vaud

"My meditation is amazing, one of – if not the – best discovery of my year 2018. I am happy with the results and it seems I am letting go of things of the past (…)"

Physicist, Geneva