TM-Center St. Gallen

TM-Center St. Gallen
Reherstrasse 22 E
9016 St. Gallen 

Your local contact: Doris Perauer
Phone: 071 288 39 13

Doris Perauer

Doris Perauer

Doris Perauer is a certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation since January 2001. She is practicing TM since 1987 and has been trained in 1993/94 as an AyurVeda health consultant. Since 2011 Doris is managing in an honorary capacity the charitable Global Peace Initiative Switzerland, raising funds to support the tradition of Vedic recitations in India, a UNESCO recognized intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Doris is married, housewife and mother of three grown-up daughters.

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Are you already practicing Transcendental Meditation ?

For people who wish to participate, we have an advanced program of lectures on various topics that address aspects of knowledge related to the MT, advanced courses and in-residence weekends. Contact us for the full program. We are also available for:

  • PERSONAL CHECKINGS: their purpose is to refresh your TM practice and respond to the various issues that may arise over time. These personalized sessions of about 45 minutes are recommended at least once a year and are available by appointment. Price CHF 60.- (free during the year following the TM instruction).
  • REFRESHING COURSES: their purpose is to review the understanding of the basic mechanisms of Transcendental Meditation that were presented during the Transcendental Meditation cours.

Contact us for more details on this opportunity and make an appointment.

Gary Kaplan, MD

Gary P Kaplan, associate professor of neurology at New York University School of Medicine

"If you have a technique that you practise 20 minutes twice a day, a technique that allows you to be dynamic in your activity and yet not to accumulate the stress that wreaks havoc on your health, then you have a key to better health."